Business Spotlight: Skyline Suites

Business Spotlight: Skyline Suites is Redefining Assisted Living
Written by Tiffany Cooke

When Ryan Buchanan’s father-in-law, Trent Nichols, brought up the idea of building an assisted living facility in Salem and asked Buchannan to manage it, he knew it was something he needed (and wanted) to do.

“This isn’t a nursing home, and it’s not a regular home; we just all happen to be living here together. It’s assisted living.” Ryan Buchanan enthusiastically spoke of his mission to better assisted living during a tour of the newly established Skyline Suites. He hopes that people will let go of the negative stigma behind the idea of facilities like his and begin to associate Skyline Suites with “fine assisted living”. After touring the place that four residents already call home, it’s evident that Ryan Buchanan and Trent Nichols have taken it upon themselves to ensure they offer the best facilities and the best care, all while creating an environment where residents feel like family in a place they are comfortable and happy.

Before starting the building process, Buchanan and Nichols toured 17 other assisted living facilities. They took what they liked and included it in their own plans, but also made notes of what these other soon to be competitors lacked. They did this not solely to set Skyline Suites apart, but to guarantee they provided nothing short of the best care possible. This strategic, thorough research process is why residents in Skyline Suites enjoy superior, distinct accommodations in their individual rooms like easy to use and practical showers, a kitchenette (including a mini fridge, microwave, and sink), and a closed-in sunporch with a private door to the outside. In addition to the luxurious rooms, residents have access to other special features like a spa room, an on-site hair salon, a quiet office, and a fitness room designed for both general wellness and physical therapy purposes.

These appealing features of Skyline Suites do not take away from the care provided. In fact, the facility goes above and beyond anything expected. Like most assisted living facilities, laundry is taken care of by staff, meals are cooked every day for the residents, and emergency care is available 24 hours. However, the staff has taken it upon themselves to create a family atmosphere. During each meal, everyone sits down together to eat in fellowship. The care, concern, and passion within the staff is truly what sets Skyline Suites apart. Ryan Buchanan takes pride in this and feels a fullness in his heart whenever he sees the timid residents adapt to the facility and staff and become relaxed and content. This transformation, he says, is what he takes the most pride in.

Though he is at the facility every day during and after hours, Buchanan lives just two minutes away, and makes sure that all the residents know they can reach him whenever he’s not there. It’s evident that his passion goes far past maintaining the business and focuses on enriching the lives of the residents that immediately become family. In short, Buchanan has one thing that other assisted living managers lack – the desire to do more than just offer the mandatory care, but to go above and beyond in expressing kindness and compassion for each individual resident.

In three words, Skyline Suites is personal, well-appointed, and to put it simply – a home.

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