Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight: Trina T. Brown Massage Therapy

Written By: Tiffany Cooke


“I love what I do… It’s so rewarding to see changes in my clients,” newly established business owner Trina T. Brown thoughtfully and passionately expressed when considering the reason behind why she chose to do what she does – massage therapy.


Trina Brown was introduced to massage therapy some 20 years ago after her aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had been searching for a second job to pick up on the side, and she knew she wanted to do something that was both enjoyable and rewarding. Her aunt received a massage during her battle with cancer and expressed to Trina how much better it made her feel, despite the terrible situation. After this, Trina began to consider how massage therapy might be the answer she was looking for. The first thing she did? Get her very first massage.


The rest is history. From there, her business grew slowly. Because it was only meant to be a second job, she worked at clinics for a few hours a day while continuing her full-time job. After a while, she began to only do massages at her home. When Trina lost her primary job just a short bit ago, she fell back on massage therapy to get her through the period where she searched for another full-time position. However, she found that she didn’t want to go back to the busy, stressful office atmosphere. It turns out, being a massage therapist was relaxing, and simply – it was her calling.


She began to pursue this a full-time career, and before she knew it, she had a building and clients lined up. Under the principle of “women empowering women”, Trina dedicates her practice to helping women release stress, lose weight, be body positive, and just feel in better health. Taking it a step further, she also has studied wellness coaching. After her husband suffered a serious accident, it served as a “wake up call” for her and her health. Wellness coaching began as a way to help herself be healthier and happier, but quickly grew into just another way she could help others find this same fulfillment.


Trina has already (and will continue to) expand her field of expertise. As she learns about new aspects of massage therapy, she looks forward to being able to practice them. She’s eager to learn, dedicated to helping, and invested in providing. Unlike larger chain companies, her self-owned business is tailored, personal, and flexible.


Trina’s rise to a business owner is one unlike many others because it has a story. There is a purpose behind every choice she’s made. While many people tend to just be passing time in their career, Trina Brown loves what she does. She takes an interest in people and builds relationships with her clients. For her, it’s more than just work. It’s not about the money or the self-benefits. It’s about creating a space for her clients to grow into their best self and genuinely caring that they achieve the results they’re looking for.


Little did she know then, the rewarding, enjoyable part time job she was searching for all those years ago would become everything she needed to be happy and healthy by enriching not only her own life, but the lives of those around her.


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