Delaney Park

Offering cabins, lodges, modern and primitive camping.  Delaney Park also has a beach and picnic areas for great family fun!  During peak season, enjoy john boat, canoe and kayak rentals as well as a camp store and restaurant.  8215 N. Delaney Park Rd, Scottsburg, IN 47170.

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Beck’s Mill

This Old Mill sat idle and was a sad reminder to the lifestyle of our pioneering ancestors. The mill’s mechanical and structural elements were deteriorating. Rodents chewed away at the huge timbers of the main frame structure while floor boards rotted away from moisture damage. The mill structure was unsafe to enter and unfortunately with…

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The John Hay Center

This beautiful complex, known as “The John Hay Center” was dedicated in 1971, debt free. Later additions to the museum include opening the Dean Gallery on the 3rd floor, doubling the display space and building a two story wing to the library in 1984. The Pioneer Village on the grounds began in 1980 by moving…

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