Chamber Seeking Mob Families

The Washington County Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a new program to encourage shopping local.

The Chamber is seeking groups (aka Mob Families) to conduct “hit” at Chamber of Commerce member businesses and organizations.

Persons interested in being a Mob Family Leader (aka Don) are encouraged to contact the Chamber Office at or by phone at 812-883-4303. The program will begin in March and continue thru October. Mob Leaders will put together a family, name their family, keep track of the money spent by their family and have fun! Mob families that conduct the most ‘hits’ and have the largest families will be recognized at the Chamber’s Annual Dinner.


SOAR’s Chili Cook-Off

Washington County SOAR is bringing back the Spice!

Save the date for Washington County SOAR’s 5th Chili Cook-Off. The event will be held at Southern Hills Church Family Life Center from 4-7 PM on March 14th. We are very excited to bring back this exciting event this year with even more flare.! Establishing a chili team is an easy way to advertise your business and/or organization. So break out those recipes, round up those teammates and have a “Yee Haw” of a good time. There will be prizes for Judged Best Chili, People’s Choice Best Chili and Best Decorated Booth. Registration forms can be emailed to or dropped off at the SOAR! Office located in the Salem Public Library.

Advanced ticket sales are underway- Purchase your tickets at the Salem Public Library, $5.00 for adult, $3.00 for children. Tickets will also be available at door.

Also, businesses, individuals and organizations can sponsor a table. Levels of sponsorship are: Pepperoncini - $100.00, Jalapeno- $250.00 and Habanero- $500.00 or more. Sponsorship will be publicized in newspaper, social media and at event. Call Stephanie at the SOAR! office at 812-883-5600 or email for more information.



Protect Your Tax Refund - Keep Your Identity Safe

It seems like every day we hear about a new data breach, a company being hacked, or someone’s identity being stolen. Do you know why? Because criminals make a business out of identity theft. In fact, last tax season, the Indiana Department of Revenue upped its security to battle identity theft criminals and stopped $88 million in attempted identity theft tax returns.

You might be wondering what identity theft has to do with the Indiana Department of Revenue. Criminals steal real taxpayer identities and file tax returns to request and steal the victims’ refunds. Identity theft criminals submitted 74,000 fraudulent returns the department identified and stopped during the 2014 tax season. The department helped thousands of legitimate taxpayers realize their identities had been stolen.

So how did the department spot this identity theft? Last tax season, the department used increased security features that again will be used this tax season. The department took what it learned last year about identity theft and used that information to make this year’s program stronger to protect more Hoosiers.

All Indiana income tax returns will have their basic identity data (not the entire return) submitted to an automated identity verification database. While 95 percent of taxpayers’ identity information is expected to be verified as a result of this process, some taxpayers again will be selected to take an Identity Confirmation Quiz to further confirm their identities.

Those selected will receive a letter from the Indiana Department of Revenue. The quiz contains four short questions, which only the person asked to complete the quiz would be able to answer. It is taken on a secure website hosted by the department or over the phone. It should take no more than two minutes to complete.

Through the identity protection program, the Indiana Department of Revenue is making sure Indiana tax refunds are only issued to taxpayers whose identities have been confirmed. The department thanks taxpayers for assisting the department in protecting Hoosier identities.

For more information about the identity protection program, identity protection tips, and tips for protecting your tax refund, visit the department’s Stop ID Theft website at